Wednesday, 24 February 2021
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New resources available, free-of-charge, from Karyn Purvis, author of The Connected Child.

Read book reviews on:
Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child and
Pieces of Me: Who Do I Want to Be?, a book by and for adopted teens. (4/10)

An adoptive mom shares her heart and her story in She's Living the Life. (3/10)

Article about One Family's Experience with Neuro Reorganization. (7/09)

Book review of Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families.

Read Twenty-Three Things This Korean-Adoptee Thought About as a Child.

Visit our new section on school.

People sometimes contact us in crisis. Although their children were adopted at very young ages, they are now older and showing serious signs of attachment/trauma issues. Parents say, "But I never saw any problem when my child was little." How can that happen? Read a story from one mom, I Didn't Recognize My Child's Attachment Problems. (1/09)

Interested in learning more about neuro reorganization? Check out a review of the DVD Neurodevelopment Through Movements. (11/08)

Read a review of Jenny McCarthy's book, Mother Warriors.

Confused about "time in?"Read about what a "time in" is and why you might choose to use it with your children. (8/08)

Here is an adoption book for kids to make that has been helpful for some children in thinking about their early lives. Includes references to God. (8/08)

The author of Silent Tears writes a letter to adoptive families. (8/08)

Review of the new book, Silent Tears. This book details the experience of one orphanage volunteer in China from March 2003-summer 2007. (8/08)

Reflections from an adoptive parent on traveling to meet her son. (7/08)

This intensely powerful article on loss is written by an adult adoptee who is also an adoptive mom and pastor. A must read for adoptive parents. (6/08)

Wondering how long it will be until your child feels secure? Read Going the Distance, a reflection by an adoptive parent. (6/08)

Read Trail of Crumbs, written by an adult adoptee, born in South Korea. (4/08)

Read about one mom's experiences with two different types of attachment problems, anxious and avoidant. (4/08)

Consider the impact nutrition may have on attention deficits. (3/08)

How is an attachment journey like a game of poker? Read It's a Game of Skill and Chance. (3/08)

Neurological Development: How Gaps Can Cause Various "Symptoms" is a report on neurological reorganization. (3/08)

Maile Pouls, PhD is a clinical nutritionist who has helped many chidren through biomed/nutritional intervention. (3/08)

Pyroluria is a condition affecting many children, causing behavioral and emotional issues. (2/08)

Help your young child! Learn about the importance of Crawling and Creeping for Healthy Brain Development. (2/08)

Read this book review on Identical Strangers; A Memoir of Twins Separated and Reunited. (2/08)

New opportunities to learn about neurological reorganization. (1/22/08)

From Chicago Public Radio...stories of Unconditional Love between parents and children, and how hard love can be sometimes in daily practice. (1/01/08)

Thinking about starting a support group? Here's a list of topic ideas. We'd like to build on our support group resources this year. If you have a support group to advertise or if you have topic suggestions, please contact us. (1/01/08)

Read one mom's experience with her son in An Adorable Little Baby & Trauma. (12/31/07)

We are in the process of adding EXTENSIVE new information to Neurological Work. Take a look and keep checking in for updated information. (12/30/07)

New article on Neurofeedback by author and adoptive mom, Susan Olding. (12/30/07)

New Neurodevelopmental Reorganization Q & A. If you'd like to have questions answered about neuro reorg, post your questions on this page and we'll try to get them answered by a neurodevelopmentalist! (12/30/07)

Does your child get in a Funk Over Gifts? Hear from other adoptive moms, including a psychologist. (12/30/07)

A reminder about how holiday stress can affect our children. (12/23/07)

Book review of The Connected Child. A not-to-be-missed book for adoptive parents! (11/26/07)

The Because They Waited DVD set is 20% off during the month of November in order to celebrate National Adoption Month. (Please note that A4everFamily does not produce or sell these materials. We just like them very much!) (11/19/07)

A fascinating story, of one child's memories of orphanage life. (10/31/07)

Read about two new books, aimed at healing relationships for any parents/children. (10/28/07)

Several families have contributed new anecdotes on violent language, one symptom of their children's attachment/trauma issues. (10/26/07)

A mom reports on her daughter's "subtle symptoms" and the family's success with both neuro work and attachment therapy. (10/26/07)

We've added an immense number of new links, personal stories, articles, etc... to the site. Hope you take the time to look around! Welcome! (10/21/07)

YouTube videos on PTSD in adoption. (10/21/07)

Links to consider issues for the pre-born and newborn. (10/21/07)

New articles to assist you in the child's early days at home. (10/21/07)

Added several new parent recommendations to our listing of attachment therapists. (10/21/07)

One child's PTSD triggers with masks, gloves, and other items. (10/20/07)

PTSD and children:
Parents' PTSD May Boost Stress in Offspring (10/20/07)
Severe Trauma Affects Kids' Brain Function, Say Researchers (10/20/07)
Adoptees and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (10/20/07)

Attachment 101: A Primer for Parents explains how attachment relationships impact brain development. (10/20/07)

My Flesh and Blood is an intriguing documentary about a single mother who adopts 11 special needs children. (10/20/07)

More on how early experiences can impact the brain. How Does Neurological Reorganization Address Attachment Spectrum Disorders? by Emily Beard Johnson, a neurodevelopmentalist. (7/20/07)

What happens when a child's neurodevelopment is interrupted due to early trauma, including separation from the birth mother or foster family, moves and transitions? Read a Neurodevelopment Interrupted: Signs and Symptoms by Emily Beard Johnson, a neurodevelopmentalist. (7/20/07)

New information on PTSD is being added to the symptoms section of that page. (7/18/07)

If you are using Taming the Tiger While Itĺs a Kitten, you're welcome to join a discussion/support group here. (7/12/07)

The touching story of a birthday gift. (7/11/07)

Read Moving Children Abruptly from Foster to Adoptive Family, to learn about potential problems and solutions as posed in Deborah Gray's new book. (6/18/07)

Read Accepting That Grief Can Last a Lifetime, written by an adult Korean adopee and adoptive mom. (6/11/07)

Please take a moment to read the new introduction on our home page. (6/9/07)

Deborah Gray, author of Attaching in Adoption has a new book out entitled Nurturing Adoptions: Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma. (6/8/07)

Read this blog entry on disrupting adoptions. (6/7/07)

Peaceful Baby CD is recommended by an adoptive mom as a great tool for calming & soothing a child. (6/6/07)

Link to research on how maternal stress affects unborn babies as early as 17 weeks gestation. (6/5/07)

Interview with Nancy Thomas on parenting hurt children.

Read a review of Nancy Thomas's program for adopted infants/todders, Taming the Tiger While It's a Kitten. (5/17/07)

Enjoy this poem by Jean MacLeod for Mother's Day. (5/12/07)

Visit our our blog to read Jean MacLeod's reflections on her daughter's newly emerging but "rotting" six year molars and the trauma she suffered as an infant. (4/24/07)

Visit our our blog to read a compelling article by Dr. DeMio about adoption and the use of biomed as one form of treatment for reactive attachment disorder (RAD) and other behavioral/developmental issues including ODD, OCD, ADD/HD, Asperger's, PDD, and autism. (4/12/07)

Visit our therapist listing as we continue to add new recommendations from adoptive parents. Please contact us if you have a recommendation. (4/6/07)

Visit our conference/workshop page for additional information and links to several upcoming events. April 19 & 20, Pennsylvania, on the subject of trauma. May 19 & 20, California, on neurodevelopment & neuro reorganization. August 1-4, Missouri, ADN's Parenting Traumatized Children Conference. (4/5/07)

Visit our blog to read an excellent article by Heidi Holman, an adoptive mom, who shares the journey of learning about and working to heal her daughter's attachment disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder and sensory processing issues. (4/3/07)

Visit Books for Parents for a link to the updated & expanded version of Nancy Thomas' book, When Love is Not Enough. (4/3/07)

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