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Sunday, 17 January 2021
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Hide and Seek

Where is Baby's Mommy? by Karen Katz

Mommy plays hide and seek with her child in this board book. The reader plays along, lifting flaps, searching for Mommy. (Board Book)

You And Me, Little Bear by Martin Waddell

Little Bear helps Big Bear gather wood, fetch water, and tidy the cave so that they can play together.

You're Just What I Need by Ruth Krauss

The mother tries to guess what is beneath a blanket--a carrot, a monkey, laundry-all things she doesn't need. When a child pops out, the mother says, "You're just what I need." A great book to get in the mood for hide and seek. (Board Book)

Hugs & Kisses

A Book of Hugs by Dave Ross

Cute, cartoon illustrations describe all kinds of hugs: Mommy hugs, tree hugs, blanket hugs, and more.

Counting Kisses: A Kiss and Read Book by Karen Katz

Countdown to sleep involves kisses on different parts of baby's body, starting with "ten little kisses on teeny tiny toes."

Hug by Jez Alborough

A baby chimp walks through the jungle, encountering many animal mothers and babies hugging. Just as the chimp starts crying, wanting his own hug, his mother appears and gives him what he desires.

Mommy's Best Kisses by Margaret Anastas

A series of sweet, gentle illustrations show mother animals kissing their babies. The last page depicts a human mother and her infant. Since each animal mother kisses a different body part (the giraffe mother kisses her baby's neck, the ostrich mother kisses her baby's knees, etc.), the book is perfect to read to a child as you give him a kiss for each page.


The Biggest Bed in the World by Lindsay Camp

When the family only has one child, the family bed seems like a great idea. After the addition of several more children, the father builds the biggest bed in the world. Unfortunately, it's a little heavy and causes some damage to the house. Ben, Billy, Beth, Bart, Brittany, Bella, and Boris, are sent to bunkbeds. Now Dad can sleep, right? Wrong! The bed is too empty. He and the rest of the family only manage to sleep when they are all back in the parents' double bed, together.

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