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Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Additional Symptoms of an Attachment Problem
Parents of babies and toddlers have noted several symptoms of attachment problems in addition to those found on Dr. Buenning's infant list. As the child grows, some signs may disappear, only to be replaced by others. Many of the following symptoms can be found on checklists developed by other attachment therapists.

Note: just a few of these symptoms may indicate a problem. Please consult with an attachment therapist if you have concerns about your child.

Examples are coded by age at adoption (a. ___months old) and by the child's primary pre-adoptive care (FC=foster care, OR=orphanage.)

Self-Destructive Behavior
Whines Excessively
Up/Down Syndrome
Velcro Baby
Temper Tantrums
Aggression toward parent
Autistic-like Behaviors
Aggression toward siblings or peers
Inappropriate Reactions to Others
Violent Language
Body exhibits little tremors/shakes without obvious cause
Extreme stranger anxiety or total lack of stranger anxiety
Extreme separation anxiety or total lack of separation anxiety
Hides Abilities
Language/Speech Problems
Eating Problems
Repetitive Chatter (or Repetitive Signing)
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