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Sunday, 24 January 2021
20. Reaches for others to hold him rather than parent Print
My son loved people and especially women.  It did not matter if they were family, friends, or the girl who bagged our groceries at the market.  He would go to the bank teller he never saw before in his life with the same amount of excitement and sheer joy as he gave his grandmother.  All the while he could not have cared if I was there or not.  At 6 months old he had already mastered scanning the grocery store for potential mommies, spotting one, and making the cutest, sweetest noises you could imagine to get her attention before reaching for her.  At times, his quest to get into the arms of another woman looked almost obsessive.  People commented that he was so loving and such a flirt. (a. 6mo, FC)
We were out and I ran into an old friend from college.  It was the first time my son had ever seen her.  I was busy catching up with her while my son and husband were about 20 feet away.  Then my son came running towards me, but when he came to me, he actually raised his arms up toward my friend motioning for her to pick him up.  I was in disbelief and kept trying to rationalize his behavior.  (a. 4.5mo, FC)
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