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Tuesday, 26 January 2021
DVD Review: Neurodevelopment Through Movements Print
…a program of “Sequential Movements Activating the Brain Pathways for Learning and Attention Span” by Suzanne Day

Suzanne Day, a Canadian Neuropsychologist, has produced a DVD demonstrating sequencial movements designed to activate “brain pathways for learning and attention span.” Day’s program, “Neurodevelopment Through Movements,” based on the work of Dr. Temple Fay, neurologist, comes from the idea that neuroplasticity allows people to improve brain function, even wiring areas that may have problems due to interruptions in development…which can be caused by any number of things, including deficits or stressors in the early environment. In her DVD she describes the role of each part of the brain and explains how issues in various areas may relate to certain behaviors. She goes on to outline how normal development happens and suggests intervention that can help children who’ve undergone neurodevelopmental interruption. Day presents a step-by-step program designed for children to do at home each day in an effort to improve neurological function, giving the brain a “second chance” from the brain stem to the cortex. A child (adopted from China, incidentally) demonstrates all the moves on the video. Following this 6-minute demonstration of the entire program, Day explains in detail how to do each movement. A fellow adoptive parent tells me that the program takes about 17 minutes a day with her son.

The program shares some similarity with Move to Learn (Barbara Pheloung, Australia) and portions look very familiar to anyone who has done a neurodevelopmental reorganization program with groups like NNTC or Active Healing. But it is unique. One thing that sets it apart is Day’s use of poetry/verse with the program. On the DVD she uses Bible verses to determine a pacing for each movement, but she states that any poetry could be used.

Several parents attest to how the program has helped their children. In the “bonus features,” I found it particularly impressive to listen to the testimony from one family who did the program with their daughter, adopted from China. Families report wonderful progress. Day documents improvement with several clients on the DVD, sharing both brain wave and standardized testing results.

If the cost of hiring a neurodevelopmentalist (who would prescribe an individual program) is prohibitive, Day’s program is an alternative way to approach neuro reorganization. Suzanne is also in the process of recording the French version. The DVD is available through Day’s website. On the website you’ll also find a plethora of helpful—and free—articles.
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