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Monday, 18 January 2021
Book Review: Mother Warriors Print
I just finished Jenny McCarthy's book, Mother Warriors. In the book she describes several parent's journeys to get help for their children with autism. Time and again, she and the other parents in the book, are told by professionals that things like dietary changes are worthless, even "dangerous." They are told that autism is a permanent condition and that alternative therapies are a waste of time.

McCarthy goes on to describe how these parents ignored the professionals and did everything they could to heal their children. McCarthy writes,
"A Mother Warrior Is...

A mother who hears there is no hope for her child and, instead of retreating and mourning, breaks down walls, weaves her way through obstacles, follows her intuition even when people tell her she is crazy. She is a mother who believes in hope. A mother who believes in miracles and is able to carry on with strength and determination, even when her partner doubts her and offers no support. A mother who never gives up when she keeps hitting dead ends. These are the women who will continue to open the door so future generations of kids don't have to suffer. These are the mothers with hearts of gold and shields made of the strongest armor.

I know in my heart that someday this era will be marked as an era when a group of parents fought the giants to help save their babies and future generations. Margaret Mead, the late great sociologist, once said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
I haven't been closely involved with the autism movement, but I know many, many mother warriors through the adoption community; mothers who are working to heal their children from debilitating attachment/trauma/development issues that are so often inherent with adoption.

I encourage you to read this book and look around you...chances are you are also surrounded by warrior parents...who each and every day are fighting for the physical and/or emotional health and well being of their children. If you know one...or two, or ten, or hundreds, ...take a moment to tell them just how wonderful you think they are!

YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This book reminds me so much of the journey that we've been on.... My son's conditions have never been physically life-threatening, but they did consume almost every moment of every day for several years. We, too, were told that this was not curable, that we were wasting our money. I'm here to say that the professionals were wrong.

Carry on, parent warriors everywhere!!!!
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