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Monday, 18 January 2021
Book Review: Trail of Crumbs Print
If you’ve ever questioned the impact of abandonment on a young child, read Trail of Crumbs: Hunger, Love, and the Search for Home. The author, Kim Sunee, is abandoned in a South Korean marketplace by her mother at the age of three. She is adopted by a couple from the United States and raised in New Orleans. The book largely follows her life as a young adult in France; there, she spends several years in a relationship with a famous French businessman who is almost twice her age.

Sunee travels the world, always in search of the place or person who will make her feel at home. At times, she continues in relationships with very controlling and/or selfish men in an effort to maintain a connection to someone. Her return to South Korea on a visit is particularly painful. Sunee recounts, “…the female hotel clerk seemed to delight in informing me in broken English that the only Korean women with white men at five-star hotels are high-end prostitutes.” To that end, she and her French boyfriend are refused service when they try to eat at a high-end Korean restaurant.

Throughout the story, Sunee gives us a glimpse in what it feels like to be constantly searching for home…and searching for love.


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