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Monday, 01 March 2021
Pyroluria! Print
In three years our son has been identified with many different acronyms to describe his symptoms…RAD, PTSD, SID, PDD-NOS just to name a few. Each diagnosis meant very little to us in the effort to find the right therapies and interventions. All we cared about was getting to the root of the issues--not working on the symptoms, but what was causing them. We found that true healing meant working from multiple directions. While we searched for the answers we had to look outside of conventional medicine…something that was very new to us. We found a great deal of information about our son through biological medicine, which is a holistic approach that understands that all aspects of the body (physical, mental, emotional) are connected and related. Many adoptive parents are now finding that bio-med is a major piece of the healing puzzle.

As we explored bio-med we learned of a disorder that affects our son and many other adopted children. It is a disorder that is not well-known by many doctors, but how this disorder affects a person has a huge impact on mental and emotional health. Our son has Pyroluria, a disorder affected by stress that releases too much kryptopyrroles throughout the body. High levels of kryptopyrrole bind to B6 and zinc, preventing the use of these essential nutrients in the brain and body. The symptoms of excess kryptopyrrole present as behavioral abnormalities. Symptoms include but are not limited to: poor tolerance of physical and emotional stress, mood swings, depression, and sensitivities to light, noise and other tactile sensitivities.

As we read about Pyroluria a lot made sense regarding the behavioral and emotional issues we were seeing in our son. Issues were magnified when stress entered our lives. An illness, a change, anything small or large would cause our son to regress significantly in his attachment, his ability to regulate emotions, process sensory input, etc. For a long time we thought that he was just sensitive to change and stress--and he was!--but no amount of therapy or medication helped him deal with the stress. Pyroluria affected his bio-chemistry and was treatable through proper supplementation of vitamins and minerals!

Often Pyroluria does not present in a significant way until adolescence or after; perhaps when larger amounts of stress and hormonal changes take affect. Many people are misdiagnosed or never diagnosed at all and suffer needlessly, sometimes self-medicating with alcohol, for example. What causes many adopted children to present with such significant symptoms at such a young age? I don’t know. I don’t know if anyone knows. I hypothesize that the trauma our babies endure triggers this bio-chemical disorder much earlier and they, too, are misdiagnosed with all kinds of acronyms, just as my son was.

Fortunately, we explored bio-med and found some very big issues in bio-chemistry that can and are being treated. He is on his way to living a happy and healthy life without acronyms, but we know it is because we looked for the root causes of his symptoms and started healing from there. What a difference!

For more information about Pyroluria and how to have a child tested visit this website.

For support in wading through the bio-med world adoptive families can join the
Adoptbiomed Yahoo! Group.

Pyroluria community
Written by paolo on 2009-12-28 12:38:35
It would be great if you could contribute to the new Pyroluria Community you'll find at this address: 
Please feel free to contribute as your experience might be very precious to other people. 
: )
Written by Guest on 2010-01-19 13:22:52
My 9 year old daughter just tested positive. What kind of treatment should we follow? Are vitamin supplements enough? 
Written by Host on 2010-01-19 18:05:10
I suggest joining the Yahoo group AdoptBiomed and asking there. Or consult a DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) doctor--they have access to resources.
Written by Guest on 2010-02-08 19:20:40
does anyone else have high levels of lead and lyme disease? my doc thinks pyrrole is the answer, i am not so sure. jane in tucson
To Jane
Written by Host on 2010-02-09 18:11:16
Many internationally adopted children (shoot, many children everywhere) have high levels of lead. I'm not sure I understand the Lyme disease connection. I suggest joining AdoptBiomed Yahoo group and asking questions there.

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