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Monday, 18 January 2021
YouTube: PTSD and adoption Print
On YouTube videos, Dr. Federici talks about PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) and the post-institutionalized child.

If I'd seen this pre-adoption, I would have totally written it off because my child was not in an orphanage. I now know that PTSD frequently occurs in children who were in foster care settings.

The behaviors he talks about are more on the extreme end of the continuum (the population he often sees), but late in the 1.5min video, “Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Disorder,” he talks about seeing more and more young children--from China and other countries--who may initially appear to do well when they come home but then begin to exhibit developmental difficulties--speech & other issues--in effect, "shutting down." He also talks about the two extremes in PTSD presentation--acting out (biting, hitting, screaming, etc...) and shutting down (withdrawing).

Videos worth watching:

Adoption - Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Disorder

Adoption - Post Traumatic Stress in Adopted Children

Adoption - Over-Stimulation in Adopted Children
Dr. Jane Aronson speaks about overstimulating in adoptive children, both from foster care and institutional settings.


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