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Thursday, 25 February 2021
Valentine's Day Tribute: Brother to Brother Print
It’s not easy being a sibling to a child with attachment & trauma issues. Yet even at the age of 10, this big brother is able to express immense love and appreciation for his smaller sibling, age 4. This 10-year-old has helped with hours and hours of neurological exercises. At times he's had to wait for Mom & Dad's attention while they attended to younger brother's needs. He’s been yelled at, pinched, hit, and bitten. Despite all the difficult moments, when he was asked to write a Valentine’s Day tribute to anyone in the world, he chose his younger brother.

“This is a Valentine message I am writing to you on 2-14-07. I love you more than the whole world! I hope you like it. With loving care, your big brother.”

Whom do I Love?

He is funnier than a clown,
He copies like a cat,
He is sweet when he is spying,
He is loving, caring, and bright.
He is an annoying, silly Lego freak,
He likes to play basketball and is very good,

But the best thing is that he is my brother!

I Love You More than Football Games!*

I love you more than football games,
Than Legos and guitars,
Than mango trees and apple trees,
And Snickers candy bars,

I love you more than sugar,
And spice,
Than cake,
And ice cream,
And mice.

I love you more than a hot bath,
Than playing basketball,
Oh, I love being with friends,
But I love you best of all.

*poem is modeled after Jack Prelutsky’s “I Love You More Than Ice Cream”

If you would like to respond to the tribute, use the comment section at the bottom. (You’ll need to enter the code in the box following your comment in order to have your message recorded.) I’m sure the big brother would love to read your responses.

Written by Cheryl on 2007-02-14 16:12:37
Wow. What a wonderful big brother. I wish he was mine!

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